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Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

I went to the dungeon and got things ready for the session. I attached the long, four-foot metal spreader bar to the machine hoist suspension. I have tested it several times before and knew that it was capable of holding at least 700 lbs. I then dressed in my short PVC skirt, PVC halter top and platform high heels. I slicked back my hair and reapplied my dark red shade of lipstick. Just as I was about to sit down in the lobby, he knocked on the door and I let him in.

I sat down in my 'throne' at the center of my world and told him to kneel down before me. He did, placing his palms face up on his lap while keeping his eyes directed at the floor.

"I see you've had some training before," I said. "Yes, Goddess...I've served several Doms in Los Angeles and San Francisco."

Not sure if he'd been asked these questions before, I proceeded to query him about any medical conditions that he might have. I wanted to see if he might have injuries in his neck, shoulders, lower back, knees. I also probed to see if he had any circulatory or heart problems or any problems with acid reflux or ulcers. Finally, I asked if he was on any sort of medications, including psychiatric. He replied no to all of the above.

"Carefully watching the color in his feet and face, I grabbed my deer leather whip,
and lightly licked his buttock and thigh
area in quick, jerk like motions--peppering his erogenous zones."


I went over the safety rules and words and asked him if he'd ever been suspended upside-down. He said, "several times" and that he had "no problem with it." I told him that the longest amount of time that I'd keep him upside-down would be ten minutes. I stood up and grabbed wrist restraints, and laid suspension restraints. I also applied a thigh restraint on each leg. I guided him over to the carpeted area directly below the suspension, which I then lowered all the way to the ground. I attached the ankle-suspension restraints and pulled slowly on the chain. As I hoisted him off the ground, I wanted him to be able to help himself into the correct position--guide his own head and neck so as to avoid any injury.

When he was in place and his hands were still on the ground, I asked him how his ankles felt and he replied that they were fine. I asked if they were tingly and he said no. I then attached clips to each of his wrists and hooked them to his thigh restraints, bringing his arms to his sides. Carefully watching the color in his feet and face, I grabbed my deer leather whip, and lightly licked his buttock and thigh area in quick, jerklike motions--peppering his erogenous zones. I grabbed my other whip and crisscrossed the whips back and forth, stinging his rear end. He groaned with pure fetish release. Short on remaining suspension time, I turned him around and applied clothespins in a circular pattern around his nipples, and then for the final touch, I added a clothespin to each nipple. I started flicking them individually with my finger. He moaned, trying to move his chest away from my adroit application of pain. I walked over to the armoire again and grabbed one of my smaller rubber whips and proceeded to whip around his lower region, which, in this position, was his upper region!

I reached down to one of my rollaway cabinets and pulled out a shoehorn. One end was flat, with an oval back about 7" long that ended in a ball-shaped handle. I spun him around again and proceeded to slap his buttock area with the shoehorn. I turned him around again, saw his face turning a bit red--the same with his feet--so I decided that it was time to lower him. I undid his wrists from his thighs and lowered him and told him to guide himself on to the floor so as to avoid any head or neck injuries. In a few seconds, he was flat on the ground again. I undid his ankles and told him to rest there for a moment. His glassy eyes told me he never had it so good.


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