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Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

"Nun of the Above"

It's a rare opportunity for me to actually dominate females. So when Boulder Productions called and asked me to do a movie, saying they would provide the models, male and female, for me to stage a fantasy, I jumped at the opportunity. I played out the scenario in my head: I would be the nun, and she the Catholic schoolgirl.

When I arrived at the studio, I found that this female submissive, or "pain pig" as they called her, was quite charming. Innocent and young, she loved the idea of being a Catholic schoolgirl. I dressed in my habit and sensible dress, along with my "nun pumps"--a common shoe with a heel that laces up the front. She dressed in her Catholic schoolgirl outfit with white blouse, plaid skirt, bobby socks, and black shoes, and we began the scenario. She walked into the room; all around me were different punishment devices that a nun could use.

"Sister, why have you called me here today?" she said.

I told her that we needed to discuss her facial piercings, that her body is a temple of God and should not be defiled. I bent her over the kneeling altar and quickly bound her wrists to the side of it. I lifted up her plaid skirt and pulled down her white cotton panties. I grabbed my wood paddle with the whistling holes and started spanking her.

"No sister! I'm sorry! I'll be good!" she screamed.

Sternly, I informed her that she needed to come to a decision today. She's of legal age and it's time: She needs to choose between marrying a mortal man or marrying Jesus Christ.

"Sister, what do you mean?" she asked.

"I also informed her that there were repercussions
if she had sinful thoughts when she was married
to Jesus Christ, and that she must come see me for
her retribution."

My explanation was that if she wanted to marry a mortal man, that she needed to learn exactly what was going to happen when they were ready to procreate as a couple. I also informed her that there were repercussions if she had sinful thoughts when she was married to Jesus Christ, and that she must come see me for her retribution. She asked me what it would be like to marry a mortal man.
I undid her wrists and sat her on the table, which had a bar behind her
back which I could attach her wrists to. Next, I attached rope to each ankle, spreading her legs far apart, and tied the rope to the back of the table. I unbuttoned her blouse, demonstrating for her how her breasts are what men want to touch. I groped her breasts and said, "like this." I then squeezed each nipple
for good measure. Her soaking wet panties were off at this point, so I examined her legs and crotch. I told her that her pubic hair needed to be maintained
for cleanliness.

I grabbed some shaving cream and a razor and proceeded to shave her legs and nether regions. When she was sparkling-clean, I proceeded to examine her rather large labia. Picking some clothespins out of my drawer, I circled her aureole with five clothespins each and set the final clothespin on the nipple. I added six more to the outer lips of her vagina, and three more to her inner lips. She groaned with pain, thrusting her head back.

"No, sister...! I want to marry Jesus!" she cried.

"That's better thinking," I told her, satisfied.

To her great relief, I undid her wrists and ankles, and laid her on her back. Attaching her arms above her head to the table and spreading her legs far apart, I secured her tightly. I grabbed my leather paddle in preparation for her next punishment and slowly removed the outer clothespins from her breasts and finally, the clothespins from her nipples. I moved down to her pubic area and removed those clothespins as well...slowly, methodically, watching as the blood rushed back to the surface of the skin. Since Jesus wasn't to have her yet, then I was going to have my way with her...


to be continued...


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