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Matt Zane's porno vid, Backstage sluts #2, starts off with a girl snarling into the camera: "This is my disclaimer. I am not a slut."

Smash cut to a couple of dishy chickie-poos with perfectly rounded cheeks in tight shorts approaching a roady in front of band tour bus–Matt Zane's band. Talk about a good deal. Many of Zane's films center around the plight of his band confronted by groupies looking for action backstage. But they have to get past the roadies in order to get to the band. So the chicks ask the roady on the bus how they can get passes backstage to meet the band. Predictable response: the roady wants a blow job. The girls say no way. He tosses a mop out the door and tells them to wash the bus, which they do with enthusiasm. Later, another girl agrees to give a roady a blow job, but says she can only do it if she gets drunk.

Let's back up here. A porno film begins with one girl saying she's not a slut, two more opting out on an exchange for a sexual favor and a third will do so only if she's smashed? This is a porn film? Women not doing the deed at the snap of a finger?

Indeed it is a porn film, quite evident as it moves along through all the usual cock suckings, double penetrations, triple pussy oozings and quadric copulations. But those brief moments of resistance on the part of the women add a sweet tension to the moment at hand, a radical detour away from the usual stupefying crap pretending to be hot vids.

The idea behind Backstage Sluts was simple: Shoot a huge party, complete with music, a body piercing session, bondage on stage and top it off with an orgy. As it turned out, Zane got more than he bargained for. Over a thousand people were invited to the party. During the orgy, about seventy cops staged a raid. Only a bit of this made it on film. Three cameramen on stage were hauled away by the cops. Although they were not arrested, one cameraman, who got some footage of the cops swarming down, lost the tape. Zane did get some footage from a distance, but it is hard to see what is going down. Too bad. That would have made a stunning video.

The 23-year-old director entered pornlandia with a fresh eye. Zane turns the camera on his friends allowing them to say what they feel. Brought up on MTV's Fruitloops and fighting for the right to party, his vids are an invitation to the mother of all parties, a mix of Animal House frat rats swilling down long-necks and spikey-crewcut tattooed groovers scarfing up the food by the swimming pool.

This porn/rock mix is fully realized in Sexual Society, which features Zane and his band, Society 1, doing raunchy recording sessions and live shows. Much of the camera work has a jerky, MTV feel to it as the band thrashes on stage and balls backstage. Zane, the lead vocalist, hops around spastic-like, squawking into the microphone for a frenzied audience. The grinding distorted rhythm and thumpa-thumpa, ear-shattering sounds of post-punk rock anticipate the horde of groupies later to descend on the band.

The wild goop-gobbling orgies are garden variety sessions of gaping vaginas and busting sphincters typical of any porn film, along with some funny scenes typical of boys being boys. At one point, Matt and a couple of other guys crowd next to a door so they can hear the couple in the bedroom getting it on. Then the dude comes out holding a condom half filled with jizz. This will either make you laugh or put you under the ether. In another scene, a groupie desperately seeking autographs does the entire band. Then they give her what she wants by autographing her body with a grease pencil.

Zane grew up in a small town in New York, then moved to L.A. when he was 17. After high school he went to music school, spent a lot of time kick-boxing and experimenting with yoga. Two years ago, his father Chuck Zane, who has been in the porn business for many years, asked Matt if he wanted to join the family business. He decided to give it a go. When he first proposed doing gen-X porn vids, a lot of older people in the industry scoffed at the notion.

"Nobody believed that the 18 to 30 age group wanted anything different than the porn that was being produced. They laughed at me."

Zane got the last laugh. Now the airbags in the industry are clamouring to sign-up young directors to capitalize on the success of Matt's productions. He's also produced three soft-core sploogers for Playboy's cable channel and a couple of videos for MTV.

"What I'm doing now allows me to live like I've always wanted to. When you're in high school you have all these dreams and then they get shattered when you go out and feel like you have to become a mature adult and get a regular job. Fuck that. Fuck growing up. Me and my buddies, we still go out trying to bang chicks, go to parties and act dumb."

Zane Productions has a lot more videos in AVN's Top Sixty Sales and Rentals than mega-producer Sin City. Maybe Matt's figured out a $mart way to be dumb.

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