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The legend lives on from the snowboarders on down of the great night they called “Flygirls ‘98.” Or was it ‘97? Oh well, that fabulous night in ‘97 when the first Flygirls Contest “happened” (exploded?) at Doc’s. The 45-minute line went out the door halfway to Powell Blvd., the Lick Sisters were flown in from LA for perhaps their last and greatest performance, forty of the hottest girls in Oregon put on some spectacular shows, and half of the judges were 86’d for drunken, crass unruliness. In other words it was a HUGE success and a great night for (most) everyone. And, if I remember right, Blair won the contest and $500 cash.

Everyone walked away with something, Blackflys glasses, shirts, purses, etc. Bad Kitty stickers and novelties, vibrators and adult games from Sweet Sensations, Cathie’s and DK Wilds... But most of all, everyone had fun.

Okay, so it’s happening all over again this coming Saturday, January 9th starting at 8pm. Call Doc’s for more details, 232-8297, or find some of the ads in this issue.

Don’t let the chilly weather put a damper on your winter fun, there are plenty of things going on this month at the local clubs and hangouts to really heat you up.

Doc’s Bar and Grill is keeping busy this month by hosting the 1999 Flygirls Contest this month. If you went to the first Flygirls Contest here about a year ago, you know this is the hottest ticket in Portland. Be sure and stop by and check it out Saturday January 9th at 8pm. Doc’s is also featuring live music every Thursday at 9pm. You’ll be able to rock to the sounds of a live band and enjoying watching your favorite girl on stage.

CJ’s wants you to start your new year right by partying with them... anytime. When it’s cold outside these girls will keep your temperature rising. The gang at CJ’s would also like to thank everyone who participated in their Annual Charity Benefit, they helped raise a nice contribution for the Rafael House.

Club Cabos and Jody’s are open for breakfast at 7am, in case any of you are up that early. And don’t forget about Jody’s Amateur Night every Tuesday night, and Jody’s Weekly Dance Contest on Thursday Nights.

The Nicolai St. Clubhouse would like to say congrats to last month’s contest winner Drew. They also would like to remind you to stop by on Wednesday this month and check out their next dance contest. Cheer your favorite entertainer on while she competes to win a trip to Mexico!

The Dolphin wants us to remind you to stop by and see their “Million dollar remodel.” They have done a great job and it has definitely become a world-class gentlemen’s club.

If you’re heading south to Eugene this month be sure and plan your trip around two beautiful ladies. Chantilly Lace, adult film sex kitten and magazine supermodel, will be appearing at the Silver Dollar Club January 5th through the 7th. Austin Dane, Miss Nude Texas 1996-1997 will entertain from January 19th-21st.

Spartacus is having their January Sale this month. If you need leather goods or a new outfit, Spartacus is the place to go.

Cathie’s is having a great sale on select boots this month, while supplies last... check out their ad for details.

Peek-a-Boo’s wants to let you know that they have the only Hot Tub Shows in town. We hear the women are beautiful and the shows are wonderful.

Private Pleasures and Secret Rendezvous want to you to know they have real “living dolls” available to entertain you. Stop by their comfortable location and enjoy a show from one of their beautiful models.

Palace of Pleasure assures us that they can please you because they “know what gentlemen prefer.” Feel free to visit their location anytime, they are open 24 Hours a day.

Sugar Daddy’s, Honey Suckles, Baby Dolls and Showgirls want to provide you with an exotic “one-on -one” experience with one of their beautiful models. Don’t forget that Sugar Daddy’s has a discreet private rear entrance for you to enjoy.

Finally, we’d like to welcome Castle Adult Superstores into the Portland market. Their new store should be open soon at the corner of Barbur Blvd. and Capitol Hwy, just south of the Boom Boom Room and Babydolls, and just north of Private Pleasures and Fantasy Video.


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