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FrankCarnal Knowledge

So Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione Sr. and his son, former Spin publisher Bob Guccione Jr. are speaking again. Sort of. Bob Sr.'s mouth and larynx cancer have reduced his voice to a whisper. The two had a falling out a decade ago over Spin magazine's future. That fallout was actually the inspiration yours truly had to start publishing porn back in 1992...
Note to self: Stop smoking.
My friend Dan knew Bob Jr., and thinking of Bob Jr. and Bob Sr.'s relationship, I wondered what kind of magazine they would publish if they ever started speaking again. Penthouse + Spin = X, the nationally distributed predecessor of Exotic, with the theme of "sex, drugs and rock-n-roll for the next generation." Many others have also tried and failed with a similar theme since then: Rage, New Rave, Dirty. But the concept of X lives on through Exotic on a regional level, and we try to keep the original theme alive by producing sexy images with intelligent, irreverent writing.
Note to self: Try harder.
Speaking of porn magnates... As reported by the New York Times last month, three of the largest pornographers in the $10 billion annual adult market are General Motors Corporation--the world's largest company; EchoStar Communications Corporation whose chief financial backers include chairman of the News Corporation Rupert Murdoch; and AT&T Corporation--the nation's biggest communications company.
Note to self: Renew New York Times subscription.
GMC, News Corporation and AT&T--All three of these well-known, all-American, blue chip companies make more money off pay-per-view smut than Larry Flynt's Hustler empire and Playboy enterprises magazine, cable and internet businesses combined. God bless America!
Note to self: Get home early tonight to watch Virgin Sluts #9 on AT&T's the Hot Network.
Note to self: Buy AT&T at 74.
The mainstream-pornographer list includes many others such as Time Warner, Marriott International and Hilton.
Note to self: Reserve Vegas room for CES.
None of the hypocritical pussy motherfuckers--er, corporate leaders of these huge mainstream companies are willing to publicly speak or even admit except in the vaguest of euphemisms in their annual corporate reports about their sex businesses.
Note to self: Use "euphemism" more often.
Maybe now that Bob Jr. and Sr. are speaking again, they'll collaborate on something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...
Note to self: $10 billion? Have Dan call Bob Jr. and see what's up.
Note to self: Vote no on ballot measure 87...

by Frank Faillace' [fuh-lah-chay]
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