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by Gary Aker

The search for truth has always been a big order. In The World as Will and Idea the gloomy philosopher Schopenhauer says the “power of truth is incredibly great and of unspeakable endurance. We find constant traces of it in all, even the most eccentric and absurd dogmas, of different times, of different lands. Truth is often indeed in strange company, curiously mixed up with other things, but still recognizable.”

The cheerful pornographer, Patrick Collins, defines truth this way: “Babies are the truth. Dogs are the truth. When a guy ejaculates, that is the truth. When a girl orgasms that’s the truth. Beyond that, there’s not a lot of truth in this world.”

Truth is indeed in strange company.

Collins, the top perv at Elegant Angel Video, is best known as the director of the Sodomania, Bottom Dweller and Buttwoman series of adult vids.

Before he entered the jizz biz, Collins enjoyed watching the old 8mm loops at a theater on Market Street. His ex-wife, Tianna, had a friend who made porn films. She asked the guy if she could give it a whirl and she joined the ranks of the porn queens.

Collins met John Stagliano when he was shooting Tianna in his first Buttman movie. The two men hit it off. Stagliano hired Collins as his sales manager. Eventually, Stagliano helped Collins start up Elegant Angel. After completing several 12-step programs–Collins forgot to include those on his truth list–he had the company on solid grounds only to be shaken by the defection of three of his key players, including director Rob Black, and a shooting in the company warehouse that brought down the heat. Then some lawsuits from his defectors and another detox treatment at Ceders-Sinia. The truth can be such a drag.

But what the hell, Collins is a survivor, still churning out Sodomanias, 25 at last count. From the beginning the company has been known for it’s hard-core gonzo films where the performers acknowledge the camera. “My initial motivation for wanting to direct was, for the most part, I didn’t like what other people were shooting. I wanted to watch real sex. Most of what I saw seemed too staged. Capturing a woman’s natural reaction to sex is more important than presenting some inane set-up like she comes to a house selling dildos. That’s not believable.”

One thing viewers never have to worry about with Elegant Angel films is a bad story line. There are no stories. Why bother? Men buy these vids for jerking off, so it’s best to get right to it. In Welcome to the Cathouse, directed by Cindy Collins (Pat’s wife–former porn queen Nicole Lace), a parade of table dancers fuck and suck from beginning to end. The film features Marilyn Star, Malitia, Temptress, Anita Cannibal, Stephanie Swift, Alexandra Nice, Claudia Chase, Roxanne Hall, Felecia, Shay Swift, Charlie, Jennifer Worthington, Dee and Azlea.

This is pretty much the set up for most Elegant Angel vids. At least a dozen women in every film. A little banter with her at the beginning and then into the action. If one girl doesn’t strike your fancy, fast-forward to the next one.

For those who favor blow jobs the Adventures of Dr. Fellatio provides much needed relief. There’s eleven of these in the series to date. I’ve seen the last three. They seem interchangable to me, but I suspect the oral connoisseurs love these vids, judging the deep throaters on their various skills. Most of them are shot in an office with an Elegant Angel poster on the wall. The same room, the same office lighting, the same camera angles. The girl crawls forward on the floor, plops a disembodied dick in her mouth and works her will.

Only the true pervs appreciate the mouth muscles which accomplish the act and never seem to tire.

Collins runs through the women in his Sodomania series, the funniest batch out of Elegant Angel. The latest, number #25, was shot in Budapest, a favorite location of his. At one point he’s fucking a Goulash babe doggie style while smashing her face in a cake with thick white frosting. This could be construed as another example of porn degrading women, but the comic aspect of the thing tends to undermine that notion. He also has a foot fetish, spending much time with his tongue between the toes in the old Commie bloc. Collins is a bourgeoisie perv celebrating what Karl Marx called the “mortification of the flesh.” If only Karl could see one of these vids so he might realize how he underestimated the art of mortification.

Collins is currently working on some vids called Not Hardcore. “It’s my belief that a lot of viewers don’t care as much anymore about the penetration shots.” This is considered a betrayal in the industry. I hope he sticks by his guns despite what the asshole “pushing the envelope” types say. And not only penetration. The boring gang bangs. The fixation on anal sex. The utter banality of all these gynaecological close-ups which are about as erotic as those old Army training films on syphilis.

Asked why he decided to make his own porn films, Collins added another truth to his list: “Anyone with half a brain can shoot porno, but it takes a pervert to make a great product. In that regard, I fit the bill.”

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