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Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

"Nun of the Above" part two


As I methodically removed each clothespin from her labia and nipples, I glanced up to observe her wincing every time the blood resurfaced in her tender skin. I began to slap her inner thighs with my hands and my leather paddle. She started moving her butt all around to avoid my hand, mumbling,

"No...no, Sister."

I mercilessly increased the force behind my paddling. Her screams of pain did not deter; they inspired me. I lit a red candle and began dripping the wax on her inner thighs and breasts, then proceeded to play one of my favorite games called "hit the target." This consists of trying to hit the labia and/or nipples dead on with the hot wax. I tested the dripping on the back of my hand--different colors can give varying temperatures. Heat also depends on the length of the wick and how far you hold it from the skin. I started dripping the wax around her aureole. She squirmed around to avoid the wax. I continued to drip the wax on her with my left hand, then picked up the leather paddle again, spanking between her thighs and buttock area while I dripped the wax.

"See now?" I said. "This is the only way Jesus will ever forgive you for your many sins--every time you defile the house of God, which is your body, with piercings, tattoos, and lewd sexual acts."

"No, Sister, I promise I'll be good!" she screamed, "I promise... I promise! Just no more spanking. No more wax! No more clothespins!"

"I don't think you've truly learned your lesson today. I have one more thing that I have to teach you."

I turned around and reached into my drawer and retrieved a 12" Satan-red rubber dildo. The girth was a full two and half inches. I pulled out some lube and dripped it all over her crotch. I rubbed it into her labia and moistened her vagina by thrusting my fingers in and out. Tell the truth, she didn't actually need the lubricant. As I lasciviously applied more to the beastly dildo, she cried out,

"No, Sister! What are you going to do with that?"

I told her that this was what it would feel like if she were to marry a mortal instead of Jesus. I then took the dildo, placing the head between her lips and slowly eased it into her sopping-wet pussy.

"No! I've never done anything like this before!" she screamed in vain.

"First time for everything," came my reply. "Better to learn from your Sister than a dirty, disgusting boy...Now, you're going to feel some pressure..."

With that, I began to push the beastly dildo all the way in. Her moans were indecipherable as pain or ecstasy. I further increased the depth of dildo and my rhythm. She surrendered and her legs fell easily to the side. She arched her back, tilted her head back and started to cry,

"Oh yes...yes!"

Seeing that she was starting to enjoy her last punishment too much, I picked up the candle and started dripping wax on her nipples and the flushed skin around her clitoris. I increased the force of dildo thrusts in time with each drip of wax. I felt her body shudder. Her screams announced her holy/unholy orgasm.

"See? Now that wasn't so bad," I told her. She then promised she would be a good girl and that any time she had improper thoughts, she would come to me first so I could keep her on the path of righteousness.


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