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xmag.com : September 2001 : Superior Sadist

Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

  Tickle-me Slave-o


It was a hot and muggy day, so I had both air conditioners going in the 3,500-sq.-ft. dungeon with multi "theme" rooms (shameless plug). But it was blissfully cool in the front lobby as I waited for him to ring. Right on time. I was wearing my see-through light silver metal corset, and my long silver dress, along with my crystal-clear "Cinderella" platform heels. My hair was curled and lightly pushed away from my face. My black eyeliner outlined my eyes, red lipstick lining my lips...

He stood there and gawked at me for a moment, so I broke the silence and asked him if he was my tickle session.

"Yes, I am, Goddess. I've been waiting for this."

"Fine," I said, and guided him toward the back of the dungeon.

I told him that he could sit on the floor before my throne. I then asked him about levels of tickling, different tickling experiences, and where his tickling urges came from. He said he was not interested in painful tickling (the deep digging of the fingernails), but more of the light sensation over his feet, calves and sides. He explained that he'd been to many dungeons in New York and Los Angeles and told me that my dungeon was comparable to those (shameless plug two). He also confided that his father and uncle used to tickle him. He wasn't attracted to them, but the actual threat of being tickled had excited him.

I decided what I wanted to do with him and went over the safety words.
I told him to remove his clothing and get comfortable. I put wrist cuffs on him and soft ankle suspension restraints as well. I slowly guided him over to the rack, and told him to lie down on his back. I placed his wrists above his head and attached them to a chain. I then secured his ankles to a large metal
spreader bar, an integral piece of my suspension rig. After double-checking to make sure that none of the rings or the buckles were digging in to his wrists or ankles, I hoisted his legs up so his thighs and buttocks were barely touching
the rack.

"I moved up and down his legs, sides, tummy and feet, walking around the rack, all the time menacing him, 'I'm gonna tickle you!'"

Grabbing one of my feather dusters, I began to lightly tickle his feet, calves, thighs, sides and buttock areas in circular motions. I could see the fear in his eyes. He wasn't quite sure if I was really going to hurt him, or just tickle him.

Following this, I tickled him in the same areas again, only this time with a horse tail whip. I got a better reaction to this, as he tried to wriggle away from the tickling. That, however, wasn't quite the reaction I was looking for. I set down the whip and began to tickle the bottoms of his feet with my fingernails, which just so happened to be 3/4 of an inch in length beyond the tips of my fingers. This got him going. He screamed out, "Don't say that word 'tickle,' please!"

Since that technically wasn't a safety word, I knew that this was my cue to icily say, "tickle." I then moved my fingers up and down his inner thighs and sides. Leaning in over his face I threatened, "I'm gonna tickle you!"

"No, Goddess! Don't say that word, 'tickle!'" He was not only terrified of tickling but of the word tickle itself.

Thus encouraged, I opened my eyes wide and threatened, "I'm gonna tickle you!"

"No, don't tickle me! No!" he cried out.

I thought to myself, "now this was the reaction that I was looking for..."

I moved up and down his legs, sides, tummy and feet, walking around the rack, all the time menacing him, "I'm gonna tickle you!"

Amazingly, he held up fairly well the entire time, and didn't utter the safety word once, so, I knew that while I may have pushed his limits, I didn't exceed them. An hour of tickling...oh, what a fun session. He kissed my hand, thanked me for my time and I then walked him to the door. Just before leaving, he told me that it had been the best tickling session he ever had.


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